Kevin leads a re-branding of The Valley Chorus

Kevin is helping Valley Chorus' Board of Directors to spearhead a rebranding and audience engagement effort leading up to the group's 65th anniversary in 2020. 

Kevin Has worked with the group to design the new logo and a new website, as well as updating concert procedures and securing some new audience amenities for the day of the concert. 

Patrons of the Valley Chorus will be able to expect a modern and professional concert experience this year, including online ticketing, a full coffee shop before the concert and during intermission, and an improved ticketing and traffic flow before the concert. 

In a recent interview, Kevin said "These improvements are meant to enhance our audience's experience at the concert. Hopefully combined with the music that has been sounding pretty wonderful lately, our audience will leave this concert ready to tell their friends about how they had an amazing and professional experience at this local concert."

Kevin is given the inaugural "Colleague Award" by Corning Community College

on November 9th 2018, Corning Community College held their annual Reflections awards banquet, where they debuted a new award designed to honor public school teachers in the region who have made significant contributions to the lives and education of CCC students. The Colleague award was given to 6 educators, and Kevin Doherty was among those chosen to receive the award, 

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